Monday, 9 August 2010

From Blogger to Flogger!

Yes - I have actually written the world's corniest title! Feel free to groan!

Blame it on the fact that, in a desperate attempt to raise some cash for our forthcoming holiday, I have now started selling on Ebay! I've recently had a clearout and found all the lovely things that I no longer need that really do want to go to a new home - and in a shameless attempt at self promotion, I have decided to share a few of the items with you!

In my defense, some of the reasons I thought you may be interested are:

a) The bidding starts at very low prices so I thought you may want to bag yourself a bargain!!!
b) Gathering the items together it suddenly occured to me where the inspiration for my Midnight Garden collection (which heavily features the colours turquoise, pink and purple) may have come from!

If anyone does happen to be interested in any of these items you can find the details on Ebay by following this link soldbylolly

And now I'm off to obsessively watch the view counter on Folksy and the bid counter on Ebay! If anyone needs me I'll be busy repeatedly clicking refresh on my browser windows!

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