Friday, 27 July 2012

I love Yorkshire! (I really do!)

We've just got back from a long awaited holiday... 

In five days we experienced, sunshine, torrential rain, gale force winds, castles, rivers, waterfalls and some of the most beautiful scenery I've had the privilege of looking upon!

Where did we go?
Why, Yorkshire of course!

Our holiday was based in Wharfedale and we rarely strayed far from the River Wharfe.
Our home for the week was 'Joe Blue' - a renovated Airstream Caravan sited on the wonderful Masons Campsite in Appletreewick. This tiny village is also home to a pub called The Craven Arms which is so friendly and serves great food (and beer!)

The view from our caravan in a rare sunny moment!

During our 5 days we managed to visit Knaresborough, Bolton Abbey, Grassington...

Knaresborough - so pretty, even in the rain!
The view from Bolton Abbey

 ...Linton Falls, Pately Bridge, Coldstones Cut...

The recent heavy rains made Linton Falls quite ferocious!
The view down the avenue at Coldstones Cut
 ...Skipton Castle and Ilkley!

So, you might be asking why go on holiday in Yorkshire? 

Well, I really love my adopted home and wanted to explore... and if the views from the places we visited weren't proof enough that Yorkshire is great, here are a few more examples of reasons why I love Yorkshire:

It's a place where money grows on trees... or should I say 'in' tree trunks!

thousands of coins inserted into an old tree trunk, discovered in Bolton Abbey estate

It's a place where car parks can look this pretty - and only cost 70p for 4 hours!

 It's a place that, despite a drop of 100's of feet, there isn't a single fence or sign telling you to keep clear of the edge!

The River Wharfe travelling downstream towards The Strid

It's a place that decides that it is a jolly good idea to create a pork pie that already includes mushy peas and mint sauce (sadly no evidence of this remains... it was eaten too quickly for photographs to be taken!)

And most importantly - it's a place that doesn't take itself too seriously!

Found outside The Craven Arms in Appletreewick
It was a most amazing holiday, and one I would thoroughly recommend! 
Who needs to travel thousands of miles to get breathtaking scenery, extraordinary weather, great food and a warm welcome?
You'll find it all in Wharfedale!

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