Saturday, 21 January 2012

'Operation: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed' #2 - Shanks Pony

Anyone who read my previous post will know that both me and the OH have made a pact to embrace the positive things in life, and make an effort to be more active and enthusiastic about everything we do...

So... for the last two Saturdays, we have abandoned the car in favour of good ol' Shanks Pony and have walked to the supermarket to get our weekend treats! Last week was a gorgeous crisp winters morning, but today was... NOT!

However - it didn't rain, we got lots of exercise tramping through the mud, and we did manage to find a few tasty treats to make the trip worth while!

As for our other plans...

Well, OH has now bought his shorts AND decided which gym to join
 (but is still yet to book an induction!)

And I am valiantly getting on with my craft room clearout, and have got as far as opening a
destash shop on Folksy to help sell some of my excess so I can create some space to work!

And for now... that's it! But that's OK!

Have a great weekend, Laura x

Friday, 13 January 2012

'Operation: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed' #1

The New Year is traditionally the time for resolutions, fresh starts and positive intentions - and although I don't exactly hold with the idea of the New Years Resolution (go on, admit it, how many of you have already broken yours?)  - this January, both me and the OH have decided to instigate 
'Operation: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed'
'Running Fox' Image from Ping Prints on Folksy
Rather than any specific weight loss or fitness goals we have both decided we would like to generate more energy and enthusiasm for everything we do and stop putting off things we don't want to do
(and if we happen to lose weight, get fit, get organised, or get rich that'll just be an added bonus!) 

So, I hear you ask - what does 'Operation: Bright Eyed and Bushy Tailed' involve?

Well... I guess you could say we are taking the step-by-step approach, and not committing to anything too large, too soon! 

The OH has decided to join a gym and has gone as far as buying two new pairs of shorts...

We have reorganised the kitchen so that I don't have to chance a saucepan avalanche every time I open a cupboard...

I have sorted out my wardrobe and identified a bag full of items that I never wear, ready to Ebay...

I have changed the default printer to the one that is actually plugged in - rather than the one that was removed 3 months ago!

I have finally cleared the kitchen table of the craft equipment that has been there since it started getting busy back in October last year - so that we can sit down and eat at the table again!

Each task was a tiny little thing - but each one has already gone some way to improving our quality of life. OK, so we have a long way to go - the OH has to actually book an induction at a gym, and I have to pluck up the courage to open the door to my craft room and once and for all get it organised, but we are moving in the right direction at least! So, to help keep us moving I have collected together some bright and cheerful, inspirational and motivational Folksy Friday Finds...

To remind us to send our thank-you notes...
Thank you card by Elli Moody
To remind us to eat our fruit and veg...
Veg Basket Cake Topper by DelightfullyDecorated

To remind us to book our holidays...
Holiday Cushion by Fabric Nation
To remind us to stay in touch with friends and family...
Family Tree Print by PhotoFairytales
To remind us to stand up for what we feel is important...
Laugh as much as you chose Hand drawn Poster by Chatty Nora
 And to remind us that even in suburbia you can relax...
Suburban Dream Handmade Lampshade by HouseofChintz
So, a long way still to go on 'Operation: Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed', but we're getting there!

But... how about you? How are your resolutions coming along?

What would be on your 'Operation: Bright Eyed Bushy Tailed' task list?

Sunday, 1 January 2012

2011 - The New Years Honours

I'm not really one for looking back at what has gone before, but as it's New Years Day, if ever I was gonna do so, now would seem the appropriate time!

But rather than bore you with a massive essay on the ups and downs of life at
made by lolly x HQ in the last 12 months, I thought I'd share with you some of the people that have made this year so special!

My very own New Year Honours List!

For services to local craft, including support, friendship, guidance, and gossip I would like to introduce and thank:

Lisa and Sally from Our Little Craft Company

Caroline from Curious Cat Creative

Jo and Jan from Chic-yCow Designs

For friendship and support in cyberspace I would like to thank:

Olivia from Girly Bunches

For supporting handmade and for supplying made by lolly x in her wonderful shop:

For supplying my OH with fabulous handmade gifts to give to me on my birthday:

James Green Printworks , Craftie Nellie, Julia Smith, and Alison Moore Designs

For fabulous work that is truly inspirational and I one-day hope to own:

Amelie Gagne, Julia Crossland, and supercutetilly

And... my lovely OH, aka The Literary Critical Detective who never rarely moans when the entire house has been covered with craft materials!

And of course, not forgetting my wonderful family, friends, colleagues and customers for supporting, sharing and buying from made by lolly x this year.

Without getting to soppy about it, I really couldn't have done it without you!

Thank you.

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