Saturday, 3 August 2013

Jamsmith - From one Smith to another

This morning I was rudely awoken from my Saturday morning snooze by the postman.
But today I didn't mind this interruption to my beauty sleep.

Firstly... I was meant to be up anyway.
Secondly... I knew the reason why Mr Postie was rat-a-tat-tat-ing on my door.

I had a parcel. And not just any parcel. 

It was a brown paper parcel tied up with string... containing JAM!

It was sent from my twitter chum Vicky
(who just happens to also live in Yorkshire and have the same surname as me.)

From one Smith to another....

But as well as living in Yorkshire and having a great surname, Vicky runs JAMSMITH
 which, in her own words, is....

"a handmade, quality, seasonal preserves business based in the Yorkshire Dales. 
It's a foodie treat or gift by post. I make and send two small-batch, unique flavoured jams, jellies, marmalades or fruit butter every month via a one or three monthly subscription"

This month Vicky appeared in Country Living Magazine (September 2013 p58) 
in the Kitchen Table Talent section describing how she has grown her business over the last 18 months. I loved the article, and thanks to the gorgeous pictures I now covet not only her jam, but also  her house, her dog and her wardrobe!

I am very lucky that Vicky has sent me a sample of her latest seasonal flavour combination to try - 
Yorkshire Raspberry and Wild Spearmint

This is Jam, Jim - but not as we know it!

The flavour is truly scrumptious - and the addition of the spearmint in this particular flavour combination is sublime - adding a delicious, subtle, sweet undercurrent which lingers long after you have finished your toast!

But make sure you savour every mouthful...
You won't come across this jam anywhere else, as it is exclusive to members of the subscription club. Each month Vicky creates entirely new flavour combinations - and no flavour is ever repeated. (Shame - because I love the sound of Lemon, Pear and Ginger!)

I really cannot wait till breakfast tomorrow to have some more.

If you want to find out more about JAMSMITH, head over to 
the website: JAMSMITH.CO.UK
to twitter: @jamsmithclub
to facebook: /jamsmithclub 

 ...NOPE. Can't do it. 
I really cannot wait until breakfast time.
That jam is delicious.
I'm off to make some more toast!

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