Thursday, 12 August 2010

Folksy Friday - Postal

The theme for this week is 'postal' as for one reason or another the postal service (or lack of!) has been playing on my mind!

I have always been a fan of getting letters, postcards and even bills through the post and couldn't wait to get home from work to see if a little something had been delivered for me that day! Usually this wasn't the case, and even if something had arrived it would be something trivial, mundane or just out of date - like receiving a MOT reminder for a car I hadn't had in years!

However, since I have been working from home, but more especially since we have been waiting for a number of important items - tax rebates, proof copies of books, confirmation of the start date of a new job... waiting for the postman has become something of an artform and more often than not, an exercise in managing disappointment!

Every day, around midday, suddenly you can't concentrate on what you are doing.
You just have to keep looking out of the window to see if you can see him.
The postman.
Then you have to wait for him to post to all the houses on School Street.
Then you have to wait to see if he will stop for you.
And then... if he does, what will it be?

Alas, for the past two weeks, it has not been what we are waiting for. So every day, after he has been you say to yourself 'oh well maybe tomorrow', trying to believe, but knowing that you have said that same thing every day for a fortnight!

From left to right
TOP: Crafty Dawn, Louise Originals, Rose and Raven
BOTTOM: Fancy and Fondant, Karen Hilton Designs, Little Silverleaf

I'm sure all of these items would be gladly received through the post - and even if they were delayed they are definitely worth waiting for!


  1. A great selection of postal items. We all love receiving something nice in the post don't we!

  2. I know the feeling! I love getting exciting mail, but hate it when it's bills.. or nothing at all! Hope you get what you are waiting for soon. Thanks for including my map envelopes in this lovely Folksy Friday... makes me want to go out and mail something now!

  3. Thank you for Showing my 'postal Item' I also had a look at your shop love all the felt flowers so beautiful

    Love Dawn xx

  4. Hi all thanks for the comments!

    Unfortunately the postman didn't bring what we were hoping for today - oh well perhaps tomorrow!

    Laura x

  5. Great theme one we can all relate to! Love the post box :)

  6. thanks for including my postage stamp pendant!


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