Friday, 6 August 2010

Folksy Friday - Home Holidays

The varied selection of items I have chosen for you today are based around the theme of 'Home Holidays'.
This theme has come about due to the fact that last weekend the parents-in-law were visiting and as they have our room (and the other bedrooms at made by lolly x HQ are too full of books and craft equipment to fit a bed in!), we decided that we would brave the changeable weather and set up camp in the garden!

Despite feeling a little silly pitching the tent in our tiny garden, and feeling even more silly creeping out there in our pyjamas at bedtime, I must say home camping was a success! The change of scenery - even if it was only our back garden - changed our daily routine and was rather refreshing. We enjoyed the experience so much we even stayed out another night after the in-laws had gone, fishing out the camping stove and cooking bacon sarnies al fresco!

We were lucky and didn't get rained on while we were in the tent, although there had been a number of showers over the weekend - we are only hoping that the weather is just as kind when we go camping for real in Brecon at the Greenman Festival!

From left to right
TOP: Tim Irving, Erin, Ich bin
BOTTOM: Glowbox, Hollie Lollie, A piece of Nature


  1. Don't forget your pillow, the most important item for any camper. Thanks for featuring my beach huts.

  2. I do so enjoy looking at the Folksy Friday selections - they're all so different.

    Have a fab time at the Greenman festival - hoping to get there myself. :-)

  3. Tim you're absolutely right! A pillow is definitely the way to making me a happy camper!BaggieAggie you should definitely try to get to Greenman - it's brilliant!

  4. Wishing you sunny days for your adventures, and thanks for liking my lanterns. Nigel.

  5. Aw... you make camping in the garden sound so romantic! Thank you for featuring my bag.

    Beth (erinbags)


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