Monday, 31 January 2011

'Lovely Layers' - New range of felt goodies!

Apologies for my lack of posts recently - I have making the most of some creative momentum and have been busy designing and making the new 'Lovely Layers' range, as well as getting involved in setting up a new Yorkshire based craft page on Facebook!
It's been busy, busy, busy here at made by lolly x HQ!

'Lovely Layers' 

As you can probably guess from the name of the range, my new items are made from several layers of felt! This is a different style to what I usually use and the simpler construction has allowed the opportunity to be much more experimental with the number of colours I use in a single piece! I must say it has been very exciting trying out the different colour combinations and seeing how they sit alongside the other pieces I have made. I keep trying to tell myself that the process is 'Research and Development' into new products - but really it feels like a grown up version of Fuzzy Felt - the ubiquitous lo-fi toy of my childhood!

I'm really pleased with the results so far - not only has it been great fun to do, but the finished pieces seem very versatile. At this stage I have concentrated mainly on brooches, (all of which are available to buy in my Folksy shop!) but I have many, many ideas of how the pieces could be used on other things.
I don't want to reveal too much now.... you'll just have to keep checking back for updates!

'Yorkshire Made'

As I said earlier, one of the other reasons it has been so busy here at HQ is that I have been involved in the  early stages of setting up a new page on Facebook.

Called 'Yorkshire Made', the new page is hoping to be the one stop regional shop for all things crafty in Yorkshire! We are hoping to offer friendship, advice and support as well as be a source of information - posting details about forthcoming events and local suppliers. It's currently in the very early stages of development but we have lots of ideas to help it grow!

We don't yet have a dedicated username that allows a quick link to the site... but we will have very soon! In the meantime, typing Yorkshire Made into the FB search bar should do the trick!
Please feel free to join us, and add your details to the page!

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Practical in Pink!

First, two facts....
1. I am female
2. I do like pink

Point 1 you will have to take my word for (!) but to help prove point 2, look up to the top of this blog and view my banner, then look below where there are a number of items that I have made and which are available to buy from my Folksy shop:

 Pretty pink I'd say, wouldn't you...?
However, just because 
1. I am Female 
2. I do like Pink
This doesn't mean I want everything I own to be in this colour!
I thought it was bad enough when trainers, sports gear, hair straighteners, underwear, kitchen utensils and cars started turning pink, but I have started to notice a very worrying trend in craft eqipment... yep, you've guessed it - PINK!
I am very proud of my newly acquired Sizzix Big Shot and heat embossing gun - the thrill of receiving new craft equipment, and the expectation of the new projects you may begin as a result of using it, is a very exciting feeling! But why oh why does everything have to be pink!

Rant over! Pink is still a fabulous colour, so here is my pick of the best pink items currently available on Folksy!

As always, click on the picture to be taken to the seller's shop!

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

Welcome to 2011!

Hello and Happy New Year!

I hope you have all had a lovely festive period and are looking forward to what the next year will bring - I know that I've come back from my Christmas holiday ready and raring to go! I've been lucky enough to receive some fantastic crafting equipment from good ol' Father Christmas and can't wait to get back into my craft room and get stuck in with the experimentation. By the end of January I'm hoping to be able to completely re-vamp my Folksy shop and launch some new product ranges.... so watch this space for more news!

In the meantime though, to acknowledge the 'new beggining' feeling that New Year seems to bring to many, here are a selection of items taken from Folksy that have been tagged with the keyword 'FRESH'

Just click on the picture to be taken directly to the seller's shop!
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