Sunday, 29 August 2010

Carrot and Orange Loaf Cake

After watching The Great British Waste Menu on BBC1 on Wednesday, I was inspired to use up the last of the carrots that were languishing in the bottom of the veg cooler rather than throwing them away... and what better way to eat carrots than in a cake!

I used a Mary Berry recipe for a Carrot and Orange Loaf, which turned out OK, even if I do say so myself! The only problem  - which you probably can't see in the photo - is the fact it is far to small!

This is by no means the fault of Mary Berry - I can't imagine that she has ever had a disaster in the cake department - but rather my fault for underestimating the size of my tin! The recipe was for a 2lb loaf, and thinking I only had a 1lb loaf tin, I made only half the mixture. Alas, I realised my mistake too late!

Regardless of it's size, the cake tastes fabulous, and we have been consoling ourselves with the fact that as it is half as big as it should be, in order to have the correct amount of cake, we should probably have slices that are twice as big as normal!!!

Unfortunately this method of sharing means there is already not much left!
I'm sure it won't be too long before I make another, but in the meantime I will have to make do with this selection of carrot themed items from Folksy!

From left to right:


  1. Hi! What a lovely idea ...
    ... your Carrot and Orange loaf cake looks yummy. And even though you can't eat my natural Carrot and Orange soap it does smell divine. :-)
    The other crafts look wonderful, a very colourful blog. Thanks for sharing.
    Natural Bubbles

  2. Ooo that looks yummy!! Will have to try this recipe myself. :) xx

  3. The cake was delicious - thanks! Perfect with a pot of tea.


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