Saturday, 27 November 2010

Saturday Shopping Selection - One for the boys!

Over all the Folksy Friday/Saturday Shopping Selection blog posts I have done, I am very ashamed to say that not one of my posts has been planned with men in mind! I know that this is a place to showcase my personal favourites and so naturally there will be a lot of things aimed at members of the female population (being one myself you know!), but it is still embarrassing to realise that I seem to have forgotten the men completely!

Yesterday, I was lucky enough to have a whole day off with the other half and we had a lovely day pottering about - we even managed to get the Christmas shopping started (we bought one present!). Luckily I do know what I am going to get him for Christmas so that is one less thing to worry about, but there are still quite a few men in my life that need gifts. If you are in the same boat as me, and find men very difficult to buy for, I hope this selection will help give you some ideas!

As always, click on the picture to be taken to the sellers' shop!

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Saturday Shopping Selection - Seasonal Stocking Fillers

OK, so the observant amongst you may have noticed that yet again I didn't manage to post a Folksy Friday! Somehow, working out in the real world just interferes with my regular blog posting!

I am however still dedicated to sharing some of my favourite Folksy sellers with you, and so I am pleased to introduce the Saturday Shopping Selection!

From now on, instead of a Folksy Friday I will endeavour to produce a selection of irresistible items every Saturday! The format will be very similar - six items from other sellers, all based around a theme (with the occasional bit of self promotion when I include one of my own pieces!)

Today, inspired by this gorgeous Christmas window display filled with clothes and gifts I can't afford, I have chosen a range of accessories that would all make excellent stocking fillers - all for under £5! That way, if ever I had the money to buy any of the items in this window, I would already have the accessories to match!

As always, just click on the photo to be taken to the sellers shop!

Friday, 12 November 2010

Folksy Friday - The November Sparks

This week I will be celebrating both November and December - firstly by promoting six of my favourite Christmassy items from those that have been listed on the November Sparks daily listing club on Folksy, and then by promoting six of my favourite Christmas items from my own shop!

Click on the picture to be taken to that sellers shop.

All of these items are available from my shop:

Yes... that time has come, the clocks have changed, the weather has definitely made a turn for the worst, and some people I know are 'crowing' that they have already done all of their present shopping! In my house this means that I am already behind, so in case you are in the same boat (without a paddle!) I thought these items might help to give you some ideas!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fabric Frenzy

Firstly I would like to apologise for the interruption in service last week - it is the first time for a long, long time that I have been unable to post a Folksy Friday. I hope you didn't miss me too much, and the update from Silkstone Art and Craft Exhibition has kept you interested!

But, slightly later than billed, here as promised is a collection of the fabric prints 
that can be found in my wardrobe...

Add to this a selection of brightly coloured cardigans with stripes, and a black and white spotty dress, and you can perhaps understand why nothing in my wardrobe ever goes together! I may not be able to moan I have nothing to wear - I have a full and bulging wardrobe thanks to my love of charity shops - but I'm sure I can say I have nothing to wear that goes together! I defy anyone to make a complete outfit of these combinations!

However, to prove that mixing, clashing and throwing it all together can work, here are a selection of items from other crafters who have turned mix and match into an artform!

Such a beautiful and bright use of colour and fabric! And... did you spot it? That's right - my first featured Christmas item for 2010! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days and weeks for selections from my own Christmas range as well as my pick of the best of Folksy!

Monday, 8 November 2010

'Wonderfully Made' - Silkstone Winter Art and Craft Exhibition

As you may be aware, made by lolly x had a stall at the recent Silkstone Art and Craft Exhibition. I had such a lovely time here that I thought I might share some of my photo's with you!

The venue was the beautiful All Saints Church and the exhibition ran from Wednesday night until Saturday teatime. The church was filled with about 30 stalls of beautiful handcrafted works from many different disciplines - the tag line on all of the marketing read 'wonderfully made' and that statement could not have been more true!

It was an absolute honour to have been invited to show my work alongside such amazing artists and makers, and I am pleased to report I made many new friends!

 This is how my corner stall looked at 3 o'clock on Wednesday when I had finished setting up!
(It didn't stay looking like this for long!)

The event was curated by Rachel Poole - whose stained glass window is featured at the top of the page -  and was fantastically organised. All purchases were sold through a central till ensuring that all of the stall holders didn't have to stay for the whole time. Each of us took it in turns to help out, choosing to patrol the aisles, sell raffle tickets, meet and greet, or pack and wrap. My turn was on Saturday, and I had been allotted the stewards role. This was brilliant as I got to talk to lots of lovely customers, and take some photos of my new friends stalls!

From Left to Right
TOP: Ceramics by Bob Lees, Woodturning by Gerry Mawer, Glasswork by Rachel Poole
BOTTOM: Textiles by Nanny May and Kitsch and Stitch

Unfortunately, I couldn't take pictures of everyone's stalls to share with you, but I would definitely also recommend checking out Codger Bags, Our Little Craft Company, and Sabine Little!

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Featured Interview!

Click hereJust a quick update to let you know that an interview with made by lolly x is now available to view on Charlotte Hupfield's blog!
The interview is one in a series, where every Tuesday, Charlotte invites different artists and makers to reveal all about their backgrounds, their inspirations and their workspaces!

So... if you want to know more about what goes on behind the scenes at made by lolly x HQ,
and see pictures of what my desk looks like when it's tidy,
click on the following link!
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