Thursday, 29 July 2010

Folksy Friday - Lime Green

I'm posting this week's Folksy Friday listings slightly early as the day itself is going to be spent cleaning - we have visitors over the weekend!

This week I have chosen 'lime green' as my theme, firstly - so I can showcase my newly designed ruffle felt brooch, and secondly - because I love picking a random theme or phrase and searching Folksy to see what that word has inspired other people to make.

The items I have picked are quite diverse, but that's what I love about this spot!

From left to right
TOP: made by lolly, Dragon - Glass, Lilley's
BOTTOM: Noodlefish Crafts, Imogen's Imagination, Offbeat Beads

Whenever I see the items that Imogen's Imagination lists, I always wish I'd been lucky enough to warrant an invite to anywhere posh enough to wear one of her creations! Oh well, maybe one day!

Friday, 23 July 2010

Triumphant return from HobbyCraft!

A Project waiting to happen!

I have now returned from my trip to HobbyCraft and successfully bought the items I needed to complete my current projects. I bought lots of sheets of felt and can't help feeling excited at the potential projects that lie in wait in the future!

I'd love to share one of the pieces I've been working on, but I can't risk posting a pic as it is a gift for the wedding we're going to tomorrow and I don't want them seeing it before the big day!

However as promised here are a couple of pictures of Lucky Ladybird and Little Brown Mouse! Both have been created from handmade felt - one using the needle felt technique and one using a sheet of molded wet felt. They were both designed to be used as pin cushions but I'm not sure I'd have the heart to stick pins in them!
Unfortunately the light here is appalling, so I think I will have to re-do the photos before I list them on Folksy, and for some reason, Blogger has taken to rotating all my pics as it posts them, so the poor little mites look like they're abseiling across the page!

I have now updated the photos - Lucky Ladybird and Little Brown Mouse deserve better! Please see below!

Lucky Ladybird

Folksy Friday - Ladybirds

From left to right
TOP: I Love Red, Mako - Flutterby Designs, Rachel Elizabeth
BOTTOM: Diomo Glass, Adrianne Illustration, FunkyShapes

The Folksy Friday blog theme for today is ladybirds!
I have chosen this theme as over the last few days I have been making some needlefelted pin cushions - the first of which was shaped like a ladybird! (Also, those of you that know me or my house well, will realise that ladybirds are a bit of a 'thing' with me!)

Unfortunately, I haven't quite finished Lucky Ladybird yet, and unwilling to post a picture of her un-finished, I have had to resort to listing my Folksy Friday picks without her! Don't worry, as soon as I have made my trip to Hobbycraft for more supplies, I will post pictures of her, and her companion Little Brown Mouse!

Watch this space!

Sunday, 18 July 2010

Nearly Free Day Trip!

After my earlier excursion into Leeds this week, I managed to escape again this weekend, this time into Sheffield! On account of both of us currently being unemployed (and subsequently being totally skint!) the visit was conducted on very frugal terms - but believe me that doesn't mean you can't have a good time!

The main reason for the visit was to go to see the Craft Candy fair that was being held at the Millenium Galleries in the centre of Sheffield. Those of you that have been following my blog since it appeared on my website will realise that this was an event that I hoped to be selling at, rather than just visiting, but alas it wasn't to be!

There was a fantastic range of quality stalls, with quite a few people that I recognised from the Folksy Forums, but unfortunately due to the imense numbers of visitors I couldn't get close enough to anyone to go and say hello! Quernus Crafts - whose daisy item I featured on my blog on Friday, was particularly overcome with visitors!

Whilst in the Millenium Galleries we thought we'd make the most of the other free exhibitions that were currently on display and saw a totally eclectic mix of items. The main exhibition was 'Watercolour in Britain' which had a fabulous collection of pieces by Turner, Blake and Edward Burra. We also managed to see 'Teatopia' which was a selection of artefacts related to our obsession with the drink, and the Ruskin Gallery.

Just outside of the Millenium Gallery is the beautiful Winter Gardens, full of exotic plants and ferns. Unfortunately, we decided to leave this haven of peace and tranquility just as it started to rain - hard!

After sheltering in a very handy branch of H&M until the rain stopped (gathering ideas of what we would like to spend our money on if ever we get paid!) we spent some time munching on our packed lunch while watching the big wheel and the city centre fountains, promising ourselves a trip on our next visit.

Next, a visit to the Graves Gallery, which just so happened to be above Sheffield Central Library, and which just so happened to have a copies of the books we both wanted! So, a quick detour to sign-up to sheffield libraries before visiting another free exhibition!

So all-in-all a jam-packed day which cost us nothing apart from train fare (and a sausage roll each!)

Friday, 16 July 2010

Daisy, daisy...

For today's Folksy Friday post I thought I would bring you a selection of daisy themed items in honour of my new decorated guest book that I recently listed on Folksy. I thought that all of these items were bright and cheery and just what we needed to either take our mind away from the rain/remind us why we need it!

In order to find these themed items I did a lot of browsing through Folksy, and it is amazing how many talented designer/makers there are out there! I hope you like my selections.....

BOTTOM: Nic Russell, Mary Elliott Jewellery, Granny Ruth's Gift Emporium

Wednesday, 14 July 2010


As lovely as my little house in my little village in lovely South Yorkshire is, and as much as I enjoy working on my creations, occasionally I feel the need to escape into the wider world!
Yesterday was one of those occasions so I made the trip, by train, up into Leeds.

After popping in to say hello to my former workmates, I had a quick nosy round town before heading up to The Headrow to visit the library and galleries.

First up, the Henry Moore Institute where I saw some fabulous work by Hermann Obrist. However, looking at some of the models that he made as mock-ups for some of his larger pieces of work put me in a rather frivolous mood - I couldn't help thinking that they look liked sandcastles! I wonder if that is my way of reminding myself it's time for a holiday!

After that, I went across the footbridge and saw some black and white photographs by Alina Szapocznikow that showed chewing gum displayed as sculpture. Bizarrely the shapes and forms were incredibly enigmatic and quite poetical. Alongside the exhibition was a small description of her thoughts and the following quote:
"creation is found between dream and routine"
I found that incredibly inspiring...which incidentally is what the rest of my visit to Leeds became!

Next I spent some time in Leeds Art Gallery before heading upstairs to the Art Library. Every time I visit I am so delighted by the ornament and architecture, and so this time I took some photos to share with you.

You'd think you were in a church!

It really is a most inspiring place - and that's even before you get to look at their specialised range of art books! I came away buzzing - I've got a notebook full of scribbled ideas for new techniques and items - I can't wait to get started!

Friday, 9 July 2010

A selection of July Jesters

If this works, what should show below, is a selection of Folksy shops who are taking part in the July Jesters, as well as some pictures of my favourite items.

My first blogger blog!

Well here is my first attempt at blogging using blogger! Those of you who have seen my website may already have seen my very first attempts at blogging using the announcements template, but I was getting very frustrated that no-one could leave comments! So here I am!

I'm aiming to get this up and running ASAP so that I can start promoting my fellow July Jesters from Folksy. For those of you that haven't heard about this, the idea is that you sign up to the club and challenge yourself to list a new item everyday. Each of the other members in the club do their best to promote their favourite items on twitter, facebook and personal blogs to see if shop viewings and item sales increase!

So far I've been very fortunate, and have been featured on quite a few blogs (but unfortunately this hasn't yet resulted in any sales) and I want to return the favour and post information about my favourite items so far.

I'm off to work out how to do that, but will hopefully be back soon!
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