Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A sunny weekend in Yorkshire!

Even if you're really busy, (and I mean REALLY busy!) it is important to have time off - to relax and recharge and to avoid mental, physical and creative burnout.

But if you're that busy how can you make the decision to stop?

I personally find this really difficult - especially in the 4 month run up to Christmas as my life and my business gets more and more hectic...

But at the weekend my in-laws came to stay (and apart from a few times when I couldn't resist checking my emails - 'just in case') I managed to resist doing any work at all for 4 whole days!

During the weekend, the sun shone, the sky was blue and Yorkshire looked fabulous!
And so - for no other reason than I had a lovely and relaxing time taking them, please find below a selection of my favourite pictures from the weekend!

All of these photos were taken with the vintage camera app on my phone when we visited

Monday, 8 October 2012

Monday Makeover - Red Felt Poppy Corsage Pin

Traditional Style Red Poppy Corsage
Not really a craft makeover in the usual sense, more of a style reboot...

The traditional style made by lolly red felt poppy corsage seems to be as popular as ever; selling well online through my Folksy and Etsy shops, at events and exhibitions and flying off the shelves quicker than I can make them for The Gift Gallery York!

But... it has been in production for over a year now, so I thought it was time that the red poppy brooch pin had a brand new look for Autumn/Winter 2012.

As you may know, the new season stock has been heavily inspired by the bold colours and repeating patterns often found in Folk Art. Many of the new designs feature contrasting colours with clean and simple outlines.

Although there have been lots of new designs this year, my absolute favourite folded felt corsage is the Folk Art Daisy, and so it was this design that I used as a starting point when I thought about re-working the red felt poppy corsage...

And this is the result:

My bright red felt poppy corsage pin has had a retro makeover!

Super sleek, with a clean and simple design, the retro re-boot of this item is proving as popular as the original! Featuring four folded petals made from bright red felt, the centre has been decorated with hand stitching and beading which is finished with a bold polka dot black and white spotty button.

Ever so slightly smaller than the traditional style, the retro poppy corsage measures approximately 7cm in diameter x 2.5cm deep but size isn't everything and I think it is as eye catching as the original!

I am so pleased with the new design, and think that for now at least, it is my new favourite!

Both the traditional and the retro style red poppy brooch are available online from the Folksy and Etsy shops, and will be coming to my next event at Mary's Marvellous Vintage and Craft Market in Sheffield...
But for now, the big question is... Which do you prefer?!
(I really would love to know! ...please feel free to leave a comment below)

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Now you're Two - Happy Birthday to the Gift Gallery!

Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday Dear Gift Gallery...
Happy Birthday to You!

I just wanted to pass on my very Best Wishes to The Gift Gallery York who are 2 Years Old today!

The Gift Gallery is one of the most lovely shops I have had the pleasure of visiting, in that in only sells handmade items produced by a range of designers and craftspeople from across the UK and Ireland (including my felt accessories!)

Kate and her small team of friendly staff have been fantastic supporters of the handmade scene, and have been some of the loveliest, not to mention most professional people I have had the pleasure to work with.

So I hope you'll join me today in saying a very Happy Birthday to The Gift Gallery York!

Hip, Hip Hooray!  - here's to many more years of success!

If you are in York today, it would be grand if you could pop in to say hello - but if not, please feel free to leave The Gift Gallery York a message on their Facebook Wall or on Twitter

Monday, 17 September 2012

Monday Makeover - Upcycled Picture Frame Message Board

Today's Monday Makeover is a very simple craft tutorial!

It just takes 3 items,

3 minutes,

and can cost less than £3!

It's also perfect if you'd like to make yourself a new memo board but don't fancy having a go at the
DIY Chalkboard Paint from last week!

The 3 things you will need to create an upcycled picture frame message board:

1. An old picture frame with the glass still intact
2. An interesting piece of paper or fabric the same size as the frame
3. A chalkboard pen or dry-wipe marker pen

The 3 steps to follow to create an upcycled picture frame message board:

1. Remove the old picture from the frame, and clean the frame and the glass thoroughly
2. Place your new picture/paper/fabric into the frame behind the glass and replace the back
3. Decide where to hang your new picture frame message board and what to write on it!

Told you it was simple!

I use my frame to record very important messages:

What might you use your DIY dry erase picture frame message board for?
As always, comments welcome!

Saturday, 15 September 2012

Ideas and Inspirations: Fashion Trends

As a designer/maker, how important is it to follow the latest trends?

This is a question I have been pondering - because, as a designer/maker of felt accessories I have to acknowledge that my items will be worn - and in order to create a successful business, I have to ensure that those items will want to be worn by as many people as possible!

But does this mean I should blindly follow every fad, jumping on the latest fashion bandwagon no matter what direction it's heading in? With the newest fashion trends being shown at London Fashion Week, it seemed that now was as good a time as any to ponder this question!

As luck would have it, Chappell Ellison has been pondering the same thing - and her recent article on the Etsy blog has some interesting ideas to consider. As she points out, following the herd and giving the customer what 'they-think-they-want' can be very lucrative!

But I'm not sure that it's the creative path I'd like to take.

Firstly it's not really in my nature to follow the latest trends (I will stubbornly refuse to read a book or watch a film if I think it's been over-hyped!) and secondly I'm not sure that the current popular trends (which as far as I can tell from my extensive research on Pinterest are 'ombre', 'chevrons', furniture made from wooden pallets, DIY chalkboard paint and if you're from the UK, owls on just about everything!) are appropriate matches to folded felt flower accessories!

So, I have been saved from hitching my business to the fashion bandwagon, because for the moment at least, the trends do not coincide with my own ideas. But is there a way I can still use fashion to my advantage?

I have recently started to use the website Polyvore
If you're not familiar with the site the easiest way to describe it is a 'wardrobe creating tool'. It is similar to Pinterest in that users can upload pictures of items they like, but really that is where the similarity ends.

Funky Folk
The collection shown above is called 'Funky Folk' and features my Folk Art Daisy Corsage The rest of my collections can be found here

Rather than collecting individual pictures into a folder, Polyvore allows you to drag the different pictures onto a canvas to create a fashion 'set' - similar to the clothing combinations that are found in fashion magazines. It's great fun, and a really visual way to build a virtual wardrobe.

In one of my collections I have only included designer items - creating a wish list that could only be purchased following a HUGE lottery win! But then I thought that it would be useful to create a range of 'sets' to show other Polyvore users how my felt accessories can be incorporated into different outfits. (And the great thing is, once my pieces have been uploaded onto the site, other users are then able to use them in their own sets and share them with all their followers!)

I'm hoping that by using this site, I will be able to engage directly with shoppers, share my accessories with a wider audience, and show how my items can be incorporated into many different outfits regardless of whether you are a trend setter, a fashion follower or perfectly happy with your own personal style!

But what do you think?
Have any of you ever used Polyvore?
Do you think it could be a useful tool to be used by small business?
Or is it just a bit of fun?

I'd love to know your thoughts!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

How to make your own chalkboard paint - UK Instructions!

A DIY Custom Colour Chalkboard Chicken!
As you may have gathered from lots of my previous posts - I am now seriously addicted to Pinterest!

I mostly use it for ideas and inspiration for made by lolly - but thanks to the huge diversity of 'pins' available, it is also really easy to find lots of hints and tips for other subjects - including craft tutorials. The DIY craft tutorial that pops up most often is the 'How to make your own chalkboard paint'

The majority of these pins take you back to blog posts written by DIY craft enthusiasts in the US who have all had a go at making chalkboard paint for themselves. Every single one of them has a slightly different recipe, and different hints and tips - but the one thing that unites them is the fact that it actually seems to work!

So... I thought I might have a little go myself...

The most common recipe for DIY chalkboard paint appears to be taken from Martha Stewart's website and can be found here: Custom Colour Chalkboard Paint But for my attempt at DIY I wanted to combine this basic recipe with all of the hints and tips that I had found - and convert it for a UK audience!

So... Here is the incredibly simple made by lolly recipe for DIY chalkboard paint:
Powdered Tile Grout, Water, Acrylic Paint : MIX : PAINT
In case that's just a little too minimalist for you,
I have also written out a slightly more detailed recipe:
1. This chalkboard paint is made in the ratio of 1:10
e.g. for each measure of tile grout you will need approximately 10 measures of acrylic paint. For my sample pot I used half a teaspoon of tile grout (2.5ml) and 25ml of paint - for larger amounts just increase the quantities
2. Use 'unsanded' tile grout
I used Wilko White Tile Grout which cost just £1.40
3. To avoid lumps, mix the tile grout with a few drops of water before adding the paint, then stir well
The final colour of the chalkboard paint will be a little lighter than the original colour. If you want a very vibrant colour chalkboard paint then make sure you start with a good quality acrylic paint with a high level of pigment!
4. Ensure the item to be painted is clean, dry, dust free and suitable for painting
i.e. some surfaces, such as laminate wood may need to be painted with a suitable primer first
5. Use a roller to apply the paint in thin layers to avoid brush marks
I found my paint dried very quickly and  I could re-paint a second and third layer almost immediately
6. Wait at least 2 hours for the paint to completely dry
At this stage you my wish to lightly smooth the surface using sandpaper - but I found that this wasn't necessary with the items I had painted
7. 'Condition' the surface by rubbing the whole area with chalk, then rub off!
Use a damp cloth if necessary
8. Think of silly messages to write on your new chalkboard!
You should be able to use both traditional chalk and chalkboard pens on your newly painted chalkboard!

EDIT: Since I wrote this blog, I have found some really fab tips for how to draw like an artist on a chalkboard on the '' page. Click HERE for the link!
Once you've had a go at making a small sample - why not try something a little bigger...

A terracotta plant pot decorated with it's own chalk paint label?
A chalk paint memo board on one of the kitchen cupboards?
A giant chalkboard painted directly onto a child's bedroom wall?

Once you start looking, you'll be surprised at what uses you can find for chalkboard paint!

Please feel free to use my chalkboard paint tutorial to create some projects of your own! I'd love to know what you use it for!

Leave me a comment below if you think you might try this for yourself!

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Ideas and Inspirations: Personal Style

Folk Art Daisy Brooch - made by lolly
Do you think your personal style affects your work?

Do the clothes you wear, the books you read and the music you listen to influence your work?

Does how you decorate your house and the things you surround yourself with make a difference to how you design?

Let me tell you, I wasn't so sure that it did. My usual designing style is less of a structured research and development job and more of a result of 'playing' with the felt colours and shapes I have in front of me until I find something I like. From this point I begin creating more things that co-ordinate with that first sample item, until before you know it, I have a colour scheme and a range of designs!

But this season, I have tried to be a bit more deliberate in my choices, and rather than settling with the first colour combination or design I liked, try to keep pushing myself to find the best colour combination and design!

As you know, in the end I decided that my new Autumn/Winter range would feature pink, red, grey, black and cream in various co-ordinating or clashing combinations. I was inspired by the repeating patterns and strong colours found in folk art (see my inspiration board here) and I developed new designs including the 'Sweetheart' and 'Sunburst' pin brooches, as well as my personal favourite, the Folk Art Daisy

But what had drawn me to those colours and ideas in the first place?

After the initial excitement of designing a brand new collection had died down, I had time to look around me... at my red cord sofa, my black and white cushions, the red and white spotty tins in the kitchen, the vintage nick naks and the lino cut and letterpress art that I've been collecting over the last few years...

Including work by Inkmeup and Ryan Hannigan

All items with strong clear outlines, repeating patterns and bold colours -
heavily featuring red, black and cream!
Hmmm... so maybe our personal style does have an influence on the things we design?
What do you think?
Please feel free to comment below, I'd love to know your thoughts!

You may also be interested in my other Ideas and Inspirations posts:
Ideas and Inspirations
Ideas and Inspiration: Pinterest

Sunday, 2 September 2012

Shopping in York - a crafty guide!

York Minster
On Friday I visited York.
The main reason for going was to call at The Gift Gallery so I could re-stock them with lots of new season made by lolly goodies but frankly, who needs an excuse to visit York?!
Apart from the brilliant tourist attractions (of which there are many!), York is also a great place to go shopping if you are a lover of craft. As the city has so much to offer, I thought I would create a crafty shopping guide for York*
Looking for gift shops in York?

Your first visit of the day should always be The Gift Gallery situated on the historic street of the Shambles. Specialising in selling only handmade items from makers and artists in the UK and Ireland, you'll find an excellent selection of jewellery, cards, accessories, gifts, art-work and ceramics (including a large selection of new season stock from me!) The fact that all of the items have been handmade ensures the shop (and the items it sells) remains unique amongst everything that I have found in York!

The Gift Gallery and The Flax and Twine - both on The Shambles

Right next door is the newly opened The Flax and Twine This shop is full of lovely items for your home, with a focus on kitchenalia, homewares, haberdashery, crafts and gifts. They also sell a selection of vintage and antique furniture and collectibles, and have an on site cafe!
If you're into retro nostalgia items, then Give the Dog a Bone on Fossgate is the gift shop you're looking for. A stockist of Batman, Tintin and Marvel, they also stock Sass and Belle, Paper Plane and Rob Ryan.

Looking for haberdashery shops in York?
Did you know the famous Duttons for Buttons now has a shop in York? 32 Coppergate, is the place to go if you have a serious button fetish - but be warned, you will not be able to leave without purchasing something! An absolute treasure trove for button lovers, they have every size, shape and colour button you can think of - and with over 12,000 designs this button shop is sure to be some that you probably haven't thought of yet!
Gillies Fabrics found down Peter lane - a unpromising looking side road - is a proper old fashioned haberdashery shop. Selling sewing machines, fabric, buttons, ribbons, notions and tools this is an amazing resource for all sewing enthusiasts. I wish I had a shop like this near me!

Grace and Jacob is a working studio where Fiona Hirst, who is a felt maker and textile artist, has her studio. It also doubles as a shop. And although this shop is very small it is probably one of the best selections of feltmaking, spinning and textile supplies I have come across!
Tired out after all that shopping?
In need of some cake? 
Although tradition would dictate that you make a visit to Bettys, sometimes the idea of queueing for your cake just doesn't appeal. If you find yourself in that situation, I can heartily recommend both Cafe Concerto on High Petergate and Bullivant of York Ltd on Blake Street.

And if you're in need of a quick pit stop on a limited budget then it's well worth the walk down to Walmgate where Piccalilli's will give you a warm and friendly welcome as well a two cups of tea and two cakes for a fiver!
If you have any must-see crafty shopping recommendations then please feel free to leave a comment!
*Please note, I have not been sponsored, paid or bribed to write any of these reviews! All of the shops and businesses I mention are my personal recommendations, based entirely on my own experience of shopping in York

Friday, 24 August 2012

Ideas and Inspiration: Pinterest

In my previous post I talked about how I use lots of online networks (such as cuteableetsy and pinterest) to search for new ideas and inspirations. I can now say - after a few more weeks using it - that I am finding Pinterest very interesting!

I find the ability to gather pictures onto my own personalised pinterest mood boards really helpful as it forces me to evaluate what I like, what I admire and how I would like to develop the made by lolly brand! (Not to mention being really useful for weird and wacky household tips and genius ideas! The best of which I have collected onto a board called.... Genius Ideas!)

All of the mood boards collected together creates a 'virtual scrapbook' that has also given me a better understanding of my own personal style and some fantastic new ideas to research and develop for future collections!

I find myself gravitating towards the 'Art', 'DIY and Crafts' and 'Illustrations and Posters' categories, but have found some of the most interesting pins in categories quite outside my normal areas of interest. It has also been quite revealing to 'follow' other peoples boards and see how different (or similar!) their style is to yours!

Whether you are a crafter looking for stall display ideas, a bride-to-be looking for wedding inspiration, or a keen baker searching for new cupcake designs, pinterest will have something for you... fact, I'm sure pinterest will have something for everyone!

I really would recommend joining pinterest - but be warned - it can be seriously addictive!
Happy Pinning!


Please feel free to leave me a comment linking to your profile - I'd love to have some new boards to follow!

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Ideas and Inspirations

A small taster of some of the made by lolly A/W range
Cuteable is the popular website that provides you with cute inspiration every Monday to Friday without fail!

But what can be done when the owner wants to take a few weeks off?

Well, you ask for help from a range of guest curators... and I have been lucky enough to be asked to be one of them! And in fact, today is the day that my selection goes live on the site!

You can see my selection by clicking here

I used the opportunity to collect together some images that have been inspiring me whilst I have been researching my new collection - and the first elements of the made by lolly A/W 2012 collection can be seen in my online shop (with the full range intended to be available by the end of August!)

As you may have gathered from that last sentence, I have by no means finished the final design process! I am constantly looking for more ideas and inspiration (it is very easy to fall into a rut as there are only so many ways you can fold felt!) and often use the Etsy Treasury facility to create mood boards. I try to keep the selection of items as wide as possible, and often find that the least likely item can spark the most left-field of ideas!

I have just started to use Pinterest on a more regular basis too, but must admit I am quite a novice! But if you're interested, why not check out some of my Etsy Treasury boards, or take a peek at my Pinterest boards?

But where do you go for inspiration?
Do you use Etsy Treasurys? Are you a fan of Pinterest? Do you have a favourite website or craft forum?

I'd love to know what inspires you, and whether you use mood boards in your work - please feel free to share your thoughts below!

Friday, 27 July 2012

I love Yorkshire! (I really do!)

We've just got back from a long awaited holiday... 

In five days we experienced, sunshine, torrential rain, gale force winds, castles, rivers, waterfalls and some of the most beautiful scenery I've had the privilege of looking upon!

Where did we go?
Why, Yorkshire of course!

Our holiday was based in Wharfedale and we rarely strayed far from the River Wharfe.
Our home for the week was 'Joe Blue' - a renovated Airstream Caravan sited on the wonderful Masons Campsite in Appletreewick. This tiny village is also home to a pub called The Craven Arms which is so friendly and serves great food (and beer!)

The view from our caravan in a rare sunny moment!

During our 5 days we managed to visit Knaresborough, Bolton Abbey, Grassington...

Knaresborough - so pretty, even in the rain!
The view from Bolton Abbey

 ...Linton Falls, Pately Bridge, Coldstones Cut...

The recent heavy rains made Linton Falls quite ferocious!
The view down the avenue at Coldstones Cut
 ...Skipton Castle and Ilkley!

So, you might be asking why go on holiday in Yorkshire? 

Well, I really love my adopted home and wanted to explore... and if the views from the places we visited weren't proof enough that Yorkshire is great, here are a few more examples of reasons why I love Yorkshire:

It's a place where money grows on trees... or should I say 'in' tree trunks!

thousands of coins inserted into an old tree trunk, discovered in Bolton Abbey estate

It's a place where car parks can look this pretty - and only cost 70p for 4 hours!

 It's a place that, despite a drop of 100's of feet, there isn't a single fence or sign telling you to keep clear of the edge!

The River Wharfe travelling downstream towards The Strid

It's a place that decides that it is a jolly good idea to create a pork pie that already includes mushy peas and mint sauce (sadly no evidence of this remains... it was eaten too quickly for photographs to be taken!)

And most importantly - it's a place that doesn't take itself too seriously!

Found outside The Craven Arms in Appletreewick
It was a most amazing holiday, and one I would thoroughly recommend! 
Who needs to travel thousands of miles to get breathtaking scenery, extraordinary weather, great food and a warm welcome?
You'll find it all in Wharfedale!

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Going Live!

Just thought I'd pop in and let you know my news... 

The website is now LIVE!

My new website is now LIVE! is the place to find...
more information about me, slideshows of previous designs and a fully updated events page!

There's a new tag line: 
'Colour themed collections of felt accessories - all handmade in the UK'

As well as a brand new colour scheme, new banners and logos!

The grand announcement came during #yorkshirehour on Twitter on Wednesday 23rd May and was simultaneously shared on my Facebook page

Luckily, (for once) there were no technological glitches, and the event went smoothly - which was a relief after more than a months hard work!

So if you would like to find out more about me, about my latest collection of folded felt accessories - 'The Spring Dreams Collection' or just fancy finding out more about made by lolly events and workshops....
Just click the link and be taken to:

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Mary's Marvellous Vintage and Crafts Market Announcement


I'm very excited to announce that I have been accepted to attend the next
to be held at St Mary's Church, Bramall Lane, Sheffield. 

The last event (which I attended as a visitor) was totally fabulous, with an eclectic mix of stalls selling a wide variety of antique and vintage clothes and home wares, as well as stalls selling handmade craft items, most with a vintage feel!

The event takes place on Saturday 5th May, 2012 and entry costs £1 - but don't let that put you off, it is an amazing fair, with a loads of stalls and a great atmosphere... not to mention the delicious cake that can be found inside!

I will be bringing a selection of items from the current 'Spring Dreams' Collection (I think the romantic, vintage colour scheme will fit right in), as well as selected items from the Limited Edition 'Jubilation' Collection - a bright and cheerful selection of red, white and blue felt accessories, just perfect to show your support for Englebert at this year's Eurovision, or to celebrate the Jubilee, or maybe you could could wear one whilst watching the sport this Summer!

For more information on Mary's Marvellous Vintage and Crafts Market just click here!

I really hope you can make it down for a visit... 
10am - 5pm on Saturday 5th May!
Laura xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Tuesday Tips - How to prepare for a long coach trip...

As our car recently drove to the great garage in the sky, we have (out of necessity) been going everywhere by public transport. Other than a rather arduous 12 minute walk up a hill to get to the train station every morning, and one incident where I got on entirely the wrong bus, this hasn't been too bad...

However, last week I thought I might have finally met my match in public transport terms... 
A 9 hour coach trip.

A miserable view at the start of our journey
Despite approaching this trip with some trepidation it has to be said that there was a silver lining to this rather long journey a) at the end of it was a lovely new car ('new' to me at least!) 
and b) I picked it up from Mum and Dad's house (so I ended up being at home for Mother's Day - scoring extra Brownie Points!)

In the end, the journey wasn't anywhere near as bad as I thought it might be, 
and in some ways was quite relaxing... I mean - how often do you get the chance to sit down in the quiet when there's nothing that you should be doing? 

Not often I'm sure!

BUT... 9 hours is a very long time so it is always a good idea to be prepared for such a long journey! But just in case you ever find yourself in a similar predicament I thought I would share my hints and tips for preparing for a long journey!

Invest in a flask...
A Flask of Tea and a Orange and Ginger Flapjack... don't mind if I do!
  ...who knows how long it will be till you can get a decent cuppa!?
And don't forget the nibbles... when you've been travelling since 7.30 am you may not be able to wait until elevenses time for a little snackette! This is where your pre-ordered graze box comes in!

Play silly games...
On the road to Chesterfield
Amuse yourself by playing with the retro camera app on your phone and taking 'arty' shots of unremarkable places! Even dual carriageway embankments can look pretty with the right filter! Or if you are travelling through urban areas try to spot the best business puns. 
On this journey we came across 'Deli -Ish' and 'Tuckin's' sandwich shops, and 'Ryan Hair' barbers - but my favourite ever so far is 'Tanfastic' tanning salon!

Do something crafty...
There's always room for a crafty bit of sewing!
 I also used the first part of the trip to get ahead of the game and start prep on my Autumn/Winter stock! The pieces for 10 red poppies have been trimmed and stretched! 
(What do you mean it's only April? Last year I couldn't make them quick enough!)
Crochet is also a fantastic thing to do on a long journey if you're tight for space - all you need is a small ball of yarn and one crochet hook!

Ensure you have plenty of snacks!
Travelling is hungry work!
When you've left the house at 7.30am and don't expect to arrive anywhere with a dinner table till long after 7.00pm, a packed lunch and lots of snacks are essential!

Get connected...
That shop looks familiar...!
Most long distance coaches now have charging points for mobile phones and laptops - so no running out of power half way through something crucial! If you have mobile internet, don't forget to bring your dongle! I managed to update my Etsy shop from somewhere in the vicinity of Wembley!

Take time out...
The Boss - Full Flow!
...and do something different! 
I'd heard good reports of the keynote speech that Bruce Springsteen gave at the SXSW Festival - but found on Youtube that it was nearly an hour long. So who has an hour free to watch Youtube? 
Not me... normally
But what have I got on a 9hr coach journey, if not plenty of free time?!
So, I made the most of the opportunity, and watched the whole video. And wow! What a Speech!
I guess he's not called The Boss for nothing!

 So... in the end, 9hrs on the coach went by in an enjoyable flash!
In fact, I enjoyed it so much (and despite my lovely new car) I'm already planning my next trip!

But how about you?
Have you got any long journeys planned? 
And what do you do to keep yourself amused?

Oh... one last thing...
 ...Don't forget the sweets!

Thursday, 8 March 2012

What's new Pussycat?

Well, I'm glad you asked.... LOTS!

Although I may have been relatively quiet on the blogging front, lots of things have been going on behind the scenes at made by lolly HQ!

The month started with what has now become known as the great Craft Room Makeover of 2012 This took far too long (and far longer than expected!) but has definitely been worth the effort!

This was closely followed by the development of my new range for 2012 - the
'Spring Dreams' Collection,
which combines new designs with old favourites in a romantic, vintage colour scheme:

I have also begun re-stocking my Folksy shop... and have re-opened my Etsy shop
AND... as a result of receiving my first order from America,
I have now updated both shops to include worldwide shipping!

The new design 'Flora' (shown top left in the pictures above) has become my my most searched for item on Etsy and has been featured in lots of treasuries! All feature a soft minty, spring theme and are utterly gorgeous - here are the links to a couple of my favourites:

A Breath of Fresh Air by Elizabeth Rowntree

Merriment with Merry Mint by Megan Cooper

February also saw the start of the Craft Fair season with a trip to Elsecar Heritage Centre. Due to a broken down car we had to walk all my stock and equipment to the venue, but I am pleased to report it was worth the effort as I had a very successful day (so busy I completely forgot to take any photo's!)

Straight after this I hosted my first official Craft Party where 4 willing participants had the chance to make a made by lolly x inspired brooch of their own!

This was closely followed by  promotional competition in conjunction with Itsy Bitsy Paper Blog 
(Hurry - you may still have time to enter, the competition closes later tonight!)

And what's next I hear you ask?

It's the 'I Love Craft' Fair at Barnsley Civic! This Saturday 10am till 4pm... with FREE ENTRY!

The new 'Spring Dreams' Collection will of course be on display
(and it's the perfect opportunity to purchase a Mother's Day present!)

Well I hope you now feel suitably updated
It's been a busy start to the year - with more yet to come!

Don't forget if you would like more regular updates, and sneak peeks of Work in Progress,
then you can  follow me on Facebook!

And if you're brave enough to listen to my daily waffle,
then please join me on Twitter!

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