Wednesday, 29 January 2014

#Project52 - Week 3 and 4 - Taking Time Out

Working from home definitely has many positives but having the 'office' in your personal space can sometimes mean that you accidentally end up working for far longer each day than you should...

This is something that I am definitely guilty of, and this year I have decided to pay attention to my work/life balance a bit more. After all, I am the boss of me - and I say it's OK to cut myself some slack!

To this end, my 'tasks' for week 3 and 4 of #Project52 were to take some time out!

During week 3, me and the other half made the most of a mutual day-off and spent an arty, retro themed day in Sheffield. The day started at the end of the tram line in Hillsborough - at Cupola Gallery who were holding their annual 'Under the Bed' Sale (on until 1st Feb).

I couldn't resist snapping up a pair of linocut prints by Lyn Hodnett!

Cock and Hen enclosed in Ribba frames on my kitchen wall!

The rest of the day was spent tram and bus hopping across the retro haunts in the city, in the hope of finding a record player. Stops included the vintage, arts and craft emporium that is The Nichols Building in Shalesmoor, as well as the multi-various shops that Sheffield Antiques Quarter has to offer.

Alas, a record player was not forthcoming and so we went to The Rude Shipyard to drown our sorrows with a steaming mug of tea (there may well have been cake too!)*

*There most definitely was cake!

Week 4 of #Project52 was spent on holiday, visiting our families in Kent for a belated Christmas celebration.

There is nothing that perks up a cold, wet, miserable January better than re-visiting Christmas dinner. Sprouts, crackers, bad jokes, pigs in blankets, the works...

And it's even better when you get to do it twice! In two days!

Then on 'Boxing Day' there was a visit to picturesque Whitstable for pickled cockles, and a walk by the sea.

The only time the sun came out while we were on holiday!

All in all, a lovely relaxing couple of weeks.
I really think I could get into the habit of Taking Time Out! ;-)

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