Friday, 5 August 2011

Folksy Friday - Gadget Covers!

After lots and lots of waiting, I have finally got my new netbook! Hurrah, hurrah and hooray! I know it is an indulgence - especially since the OH has handed in his notice to go back to being a poor penniless writer - but since I have paid for it out of a tax rebate, it is an indulgence I am bloomin' well going to enjoy!

And in my doubting moments I can console myself with the fact that as it has super duper battery life I will be able to take it to craft fairs with me and continue to work while I am there! So, really not an indulgence at all, just another piece of work equipment!

Up until now the furthest that my groovy gadget has gone is the garden... however, if I am to be taking my new netbook out and about I will need suitable protection!

So for this week's Folksy Friday I have pulled together from all the wonderful sellers on Folksy a collection of cases and covers for all your groovy gadgets. I love the fact that even for the most up-to-date technology you can find a wonderful and unique handmade case!

fiona t
Dear Emma
Love Mimo
Baggie Aggie

Beautiful Skin
Magpie Accessories


  1. A great selection, Laura. And thanks so much for including my purple stripe Kindle case. Am chuffed! :D

    Rosie. xx


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