Thursday, 28 July 2011

Folksy Friday - Bees...

We have some new visitors at made by lolly x HQ....

Lots of solitary bees! Last year (the first year the bee house was put up) we were very lucky to have 3 little visitors spend the Winter with us. 

But judging by the activity surrounding the house this year and the amount of tubes that are now stuffed with leaves it looks like we may have quite a few more!

Luckily after the frantic preparations to get their particular tube all comfy with fresh leaves these house guests are very quiet and sleepy and I don't suppose we'll see much of them until next year!

So to honour my little guests here is my Folksy Friday selection of items - all about Bees!

And now I'm going to buzz off and finish preparing my house for a visit from the in-laws!
Have a great weekend all!
Laura x


  1. I love the bee boxes. I want one (and my own garden to put one in). But that's another story. lol

  2. What a gorgeous collection, and such a lovely theme! Ailsa x

  3. Don't know much about bee keeping will you get honey from your tubes? great choice of items

  4. I love bee's and we have bee homes in our garden xx

    You can find me at

  5. Lovely post and a great selection of items. Love the bee necklace. I will be following your blog.
    My FF is all about leopards.
    Martina x

  6. wow that bee house is amazing. love the selection,

    {Dab and a dash.}

  7. I love bees! Well done on your new visitors. ;)

  8. I get lots of bees in my garden, I have to get one of those houses for them, yours is lovely!


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