Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Tuesday Tips - I can see clearly now...

Grandma's Miniature Market
... the dust has gone!

If you are looking for a little clarity in your life, I can strongly recommend a duster or a damp cloth! It surprising how a simple tool can make life seem so much brighter!

Now I am no domestic goddess that's for sure - I certainly can't compare myself to the buxom beauty that is Nigella Lawson - nor am I anywhere near being a perfect housewife in the mould of Anthea Turner. But I would like it put on the record that even though I do not measure up to these two - neither do I need the help of Kim and Aggie!

However, this being said, I am no fan of cleaning and will quite happily find 101 things to do to avoid housework of any kind! But occasionally, just occasionally there comes an event that requires some concerted effort. These kinds of events have a scale of intensity:

Super Deep Clean
This is the most intense of all the events and only happens once every two/three years (precipitated by a move from one rented property to another!)

Deep Clean
Happens twice a year - once when the OH's parents visit and once when mine visit!

A Quick Top to Bottom
Happens about three times a year and is in addition to the other events. Usually occurs when a friend we haven't seen for a while decides to come to stay!

When you see the landlord walking purposefully towards the house...

This is the usual level of cleaning event where we do our best to keep on top of things, but can't quite be bothered!

Recently we had a visit from the OH's parents so we went into full 'Deep Clean' mode - dusting things you never think of dusting (well I certainly don't!) So, skirting boards, radiators, the tops of doors, behind the sofa... everywhere that was anywhere got a dusting! I could have challenged Anthea to come round to mine and do the white glove test I'm sure!

But this brings me on to the point of this blog post, and today's Tuesday Tip - or should I say Tips plural as my tip today varies depending on the type of personality you are!

If you are a straight talking realist who approaches life head-on, likes to know the warts and all truth of any situation, who likes things to be clear defined and seeks clarity....

 It is amazing what is revealed!

If you prefer to approach life from a slightly sideways sidle, prefer your bad news sugar coated - or to remain in blissful ignorance and don't like to look at things too closely....

The shock of seeing the world as it really is may just be too much!

And me... If I had the choice? Well, the occasional short, sharp shock is good for the system - like jumping into cold water or ripping a plaster off - but now, the in-laws have gone, and there will be no urgent need to dust my mirrors for a couple of months...

....ahh blissful ignorance!

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