Monday, 8 August 2011

Monday Makeover - Felt Scraps

Because of the weird and wonderful shapes I use to create my folded felt brooches and accessories, I often have lots of odd scraps of felt left over that are just begging me to create something! 
So... A couple of weeks ago when I had a few spare minutes I sat down, had a play, started folding and cutting and voilĂ  an idea was born!

Take some scraps of fabric...
Cut to shape...
Lay out the design...
Decorate with beads and stuff with wadding and lavender...

 ...and before you know it, some beautiful mini lavender scented sachets, that look ever so pretty!
Perfect to use as air fresheners, the delicate scent of lavender will sooth and relax you - try hanging in your wardrobe or in the car (much nicer than one of those little smelly trees you buy from garages!)

Or... If the hot weather has been giving you sweaty feet and smelly shoes - try using the sachets to freshen your shoes. Their dinky little shape means they fit perfectly!

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  1. Lovely idea, look great too! Any size 8 with extra lavender for my hubby? (only joking...)

    Martina x


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