Thursday, 7 April 2011

The ultimate day off...

Today is the first Friday that the other half and I will both not be at work for a very long time!

We have spent all week planning and as the days have ticked our excitement has mounted... but there's no need to get over-excited - we haven't got anything spectacular booked, just a proper old fashioned 'day-off'!

I thought I would use my Folksy Friday this week to illustrate a few of the things we are planning to do...  
(just click on the descriptive caption to be taken to that particular item)

A nice long lie-in... if only my bed were this beautiful!

Have a lovely cooked breakfast - hopefully ours won't be so mini!
Do a spot of shopping...
Watch some cricket...
Have some afternoon tea...
And generally just chill out!
Sounds perfect to me!
Hope you all have a lovely day too
Laura x


  1. what a cool post! Have a lovely day off x

  2. Great ideas for a special day off! Thanks for displaying my silhouette! :)

  3. Hope you enjoyed your day off together. Fab finds. That is one amazing bed

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