Friday, 22 April 2011

Little Miss Sunshine!

Doesn't the sunshine make the world seem like a happier place?

I know I am definitely not the first to make this statement - just reading through the tweets, FB updates and blogs I follow is enough to tell me that!

But I am perfectly happy not to be the first one to have said it this year - and I know I will definitely not be the last!

I'm sure I'm also not the first person to curate a collection of sunshine themed pictures for their blog either but I really couldn't resist! I started compiling this collection at the beginning of the week when the sun was still shining and then set this post to auto publish - so who knows what the weather is like by the time you read this (probably miserable since it's a Bank Holiday weekend!) But whatever the weather, I hope that these pictures cheer you up and you have a fabulous weekend!

Just click on the pictures to be taken to the sellers Folksy shop!

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