Friday, 15 April 2011

It's all Wight...

Soon we are going to be visiting the lovely Isle of Wight for a bit of a break and a chance to meet up with the other half's family.

I can't say I'm relishing the drive (Yorkshire to the Isle of Wight seems an aufully long way when your car is as unreliable as ours is!) but I'm really looking forward to heading southwards and seawards once again.

Although I have loved living in both the East Midlands and South Yorkshire, hailing from quite near the Kentish coast I do miss the chance to just pop down to the seaside (especially on stormy days!)

So todays Folksy Friday collection is seaside inspired and features some of my favourite designers and craftspeople (some of whom I have actually met!)

Just click on the pics to be taken to that seller's shop.

Now I'm definitely in the mood for a holiday! I can smell the sea, hear the gulls and feel the (very cold) sea trickling betwen my toes. Anyone for fish and chips followed by an ice cream?!


  1. Thanks for featuring my ice cream van card.

    Enjoy your weekend.


  2. Oooh happy joy joy! What a lovely seaside medley! I love the way you have combined these arty finds! Thanks for adding my cheeky seagull) Alison

  3. Have a great holiday on The Island!
    Best Wishes Sue


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