Wednesday, 17 October 2012

A sunny weekend in Yorkshire!

Even if you're really busy, (and I mean REALLY busy!) it is important to have time off - to relax and recharge and to avoid mental, physical and creative burnout.

But if you're that busy how can you make the decision to stop?

I personally find this really difficult - especially in the 4 month run up to Christmas as my life and my business gets more and more hectic...

But at the weekend my in-laws came to stay (and apart from a few times when I couldn't resist checking my emails - 'just in case') I managed to resist doing any work at all for 4 whole days!

During the weekend, the sun shone, the sky was blue and Yorkshire looked fabulous!
And so - for no other reason than I had a lovely and relaxing time taking them, please find below a selection of my favourite pictures from the weekend!

All of these photos were taken with the vintage camera app on my phone when we visited

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