Monday, 25 July 2011

Monday Makeover - The rebel shoe revolution!

This morning I am sharing a simple but effective makeover with you
- so simple a child could do it!

(and in fact as a child I regularly did this... did you?)

I'm not claiming this is a fantastic new invention.... just one you may have forgotten about...

Boring, Sad Shoes...

Just add 

New Laces 

and then you have 

Happy Shoes!

The shoes were so happy they couldn't help showing off!

Very silly and very simple... but such good fun! 

An easy, inexpensive way to add colour, creativity and personality to an everyday item
(And whenever I put these shoes on I can't help but dance around - even when I'm at work!)

Go, on why not try it? 

Be a rebel! 

If you work in a 'proper' job with quite strict dress codes why not add silly laces to your sensible shoes?
Too chicken...?
What about wearing sensational socks under your trousers?

I dare you to rebel (just a little bit!)

If any of you are brave enough to share your experiences - please leave a comment under this post!

Viva La Rebel Shoe Revolution!

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  1. I often wear RED shoes to work.. funny how many people notice your shoes! Love your happy shoes! xx


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