Monday, 20 June 2011

Monday Makeover - My room! (The 'after' shot)

Ta da! Well here it is... the 'after' shot of my craft room makeover!
A huge improvement even if I do say so myself!

(Just in case you didn't see it and you really want to know how bad my room looked, the embarrassing 'before' shot is here).
It's amazing what a few bits of Ikea furniture, and two and a half days of tidying can do!

(what would I do without my trusty Billy Bookcases?)
But it's not all about Swedish flat pack furniture - oh no! Whilst Ikea is a fantastic source of storage solutions (I also got my button jars and my cardboard boxes from them), this wouldn't be a craft room if it didn't have a few creative touches here and there!

This shelf shows a collection of my favourite things all in one place:

Here are a few of my favourite things!
  1. My piggy money box... it's spotty, it contains money and I painted it myself
  2. My pirate... it's playmobil and it's a pirate - surely I don't need to say anymore?!
  3. My mushroom light... with added toadstools - red and white spots (just like my kitchen!)
  4. My beautiful storage boxes... they were originally used for Sanctuary gift sets (also my favourite!), they have been recycled,  and are now full of buttons and ribbons that I have salvaged from worn out clothes that are too old to be donated to a charity shop!
I am a big fan of re-using, recycling and re-inventing, and the same goes for the storage I use in my room. Here are a few more inexpensive creative craft storage solutions that I have used:

Takeaway pots put to good use! Think I may need some more very soon...
Charity shop basket - now a knitting basket!
An old mug - now covered in orange spots and used as a pen tidy!
Another basket - this time painted and used as a 'Lucky Dip' basket!
Plastic shoe boxes are just perfect to store my finished stock!
Mmmm... Buttons!
I am so pleased with the finished result - I feel I have achieved a pretty but practical craft room makeover! I'd love to know what you think - and if you have any other ideas how to re-use and recycle household objects to make interesting craft storage please feel free to leave a comment!

Also... tune in on tomorrow for my first 'Tuesday tips' 
to hear some of the lessons I learnt whilst re-organising my craft room! 
Maybe if you follow them it will help your re-organisation be quicker and easier than mine was!


    1. So jealous! Looks so organized and tidy like those magazine designers studios I dream of...but how long will it last before the creative juices spill out and splatter it with arty farty mess??

    2. arty farty mess already starting to spill across the floor... but it will be cleared up.... it WILL be cleared up! x

    3. Ha - I spy with my little eye the gorgeous little 'spice' jars from that very same blue & yellow Scandinavian shop too! Perfect for your buttons! Love it all, well done, you've done a fabulous job :-)

    4. Sooooooooooooooooo tidy! It's a constant battle keeping my craft area tidy :( or even tidyish :( :(

    5. That is brilliant! Great to have all that space :)

    6. Well done Laura - I dare you to go to our Lisa's now and try and make inroads there...LOL

    7. Your craft room looks fantastic! I am thoroughly ashamed of mine now. I love all your little trinkets and the recycled/re used stuff....and I just love buttons x

    8. Lovely craft space - great use of small space. Stubbled across your blog while looking for storage inspiration for all my crafts!


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