Sunday, 6 March 2011

Lots of Lauras!

Logging on to the Valentino's daily listing thread on the Folksy Forum last week, I might have been forgiven for thinking I had multiple personality disorder - for there was not one, not two, but three people posting comments, and all signing off as
'Laura x'

Luckily we were all also signed in using our shop names, so provided you stayed awake you could just about tell us apart!

But this got me thinking... (always dangerous!) If there are three of us just within the small group of the daily listings club, how many crafty 'Lauras' might there be on the whole of Folksy? Well, don't fret yourself with this conundrum - I have done a little bit of research! According to the Folksy search engine there are 17 pages of people that are listed with 'Laura' as part of their profile! That's approximately 170 individuals!

So... As you can never have too much of a good thing, I thought that I would share some of these other 'Lauras' and their work with you!

TOP: Left to Right

BOTTOM: Left to Right

Well we may all be called Laura, and all have a passion for making, but it seems that is
where the similarity ends! 
Click on the pictures to be taken to more information about that item,
or use the links to be taken to the different Lauras' shops!

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