Friday 24 May 2013

Poppies Galore! and a free prize draw

 made by lolly red felt poppies are back for good!

Due to popular demand, I have decided to make both the traditional red felt poppy corsage AND 
the red felt retro style poppy corsage available all year round!

And in addition, I have created some poppy collectibles too!

Available to buy from my online shop, the 'Poppy Red' collection currently includes: 



I'd love to know what you think of the new items - and would also appreciate 
your suggestions as to any new poppy products that you'd like to see in the future...

So, as a little thank you, every person that takes the time to leave a comment offering feedback relating to the made by lolly 'Poppy Red' Collection will be entered into a free prize draw to win a Poppy Card with Badge (to giveaway to a friend) and a Poppy Badge (to keep for yourself!)

Please just check out the T&C's below before entering!

I look forward to hearing what you have to say!

Terms and Conditions:
  1. To enter, leave a comment on this post offering feedback on the made by lolly 'Poppy Red' Collection 
  2. You may comment on the current collection or new items you wish to see or both
  3. Only one entry per person. Multiple comments will be deleted, and only the first comment accepted.
  4. Feedback is welcome at any time, but only comments received between now and 5pm on Monday 27th May 2013 will be accepted for the prize draw
  5. Each comment will be assigned a number, and a random number generator will be used to pick the winner 
  6. I reserve the right to delete comments and exclude from the prize draw any persons that leave comments that are excessively rude or contain spam content
  7. The winner will be announced via this blog during the evening of Monday 27th May 2013, and the prize of one Poppy Card with Badge + one Poppy badge will be posted free of charge to the winner within 1 week of receiving confirmed address details.


  1. I explored long and hard looking for a felt poppy last year and the one I liked best of all was the traditional red felt poppy from Made By Lolly. Unfortunately, I left it too late to order one for Rememberance Day last year, but plan to order one early this year (if I don't win one)

    I'd also love one on an alice band

  2. I love these poppy items! Gorgeous!

  3. oh these are beautiful - love them, might have to invest for this year, so pretty

  4. Love these poppies, 'we will remember them' :D

  5. They are beautiful! A fantastic pop of colour. Made even better by the fact they are made in Yorkshire :)

  6. As ourlisas sister I have a number of products made by lolly! They never fail to delight - we have brooches and head bands which always raise a smile and start a conversation when worn!
    I love the Retro poppy and agree that head band would be nice in this design.

    1. Congratulations! The random number generator picked comment no 6 as the lucky winner!
      If you want to email me your postal address I will get your prize sent out

      Laura x

  7. Red my favourite colour,poppies my favourite flower so your designs are the perfect combination!

  8. The poppies look wonderful and are so pretty in the flesh, was very impressed by the finish and presentation of them so it'd be lovely to send as a gift to my friend.

  9. gorgeous- and definitely worth wearing all year round! especially if a headband one became available too!

  10. I love this idea completely! I really love the retro corsage, and the badge is definitely a good idea too! Certainly a fab way to show support all year around.


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