Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Tuesday Tips - Be Thrifty!

Who says you have to pay over the odds for craft materials?
Not me, that's for sure!

If you can't forage for your craft materials (see last weeks blog here) then at least try to be thrifty when buying them! Look:

A lovely beaded necklace found for sale at the local junk market/bootfair for only 50p! Really not my style at all, but a fabulous source of beads - and I bet it'll work out cheaper than buying from any 'normal' retailer!
Give them a wash off in warm soapy water, then carefully de-string them all, and just look at all those beads!

In total the necklace yielded approximately 100g of seed beads for 50p - buy something similar from Hobbycraft and you would be paying 99p for just 15g!

Now I understand that it's not always possible to source all of the materials you need from 'alternative' sources - I still have to pay for the majority of my materials from every-day retailers, but it really doesn't hurt to keep your eyes peeled when you're out and about.... who knows what you might find!


  1. I make jewellry for my own use (not to sell) & have used broken jewellry to make new earrings etc. I don`t throw much away in cardmaking either, if something gets spoilt by glue spills etc I salvage the undamaged bits for a different (and sometimes better) card.

  2. Great find and gorgeous colour.

    {Dab anda dash.}

  3. Love the colour of those beads!
    and what a find, well done you:) As you say, always keep a look out, you never know what you might find!
    michelle x

  4. Hi! Congratulations for winning Julia's cards!
    Those beads were great find! I see also 'material' every where.
    Wishes from Greece! Teje


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