Friday, 28 October 2011

Just like Christmas... A visit from the supplies fairy!

Oooh the anticipation!
By now you probably know that I like to be frugal and thrifty whenever I can, and will only buy from large retailers when I have to (which is still more often than I like!) But, just because I keep a tight hold of my purse strings doesn't mean I don't get excited when the supplies fairy leaves a parcel of goodies at my door!

Let me at it!
A short while ago I took advantage of a too-good-to-miss offer with Panduro who were very generously offering a whopping 40% of all goods from their very extensive craft catalogue! Although I have used them before and have really liked the quality of their products as well as the massive amount of choice, I don't order very often as some of the prices can be much higher than you can find elsewhere.

The excitement builds...

BUT... 40% discount was too-good-to-miss, and this is what I bought:

Et voilĂ !
1 large square scrapbooking frame, 13 blank A6 notebooks, 2 oval wooden boxes, 1 straw wreath, 1 wooden chicken, a packet of toadstools and 1m of fine black netting!

And this is what I made with some of the contents of my parcel:

As you can see I have a bit of a thing for red at the moment!
(and it's a good thing too - since Poppy season is upon us and all I've been doing for the last 2 weeks is making poppies!)

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  1. What a bargain!! It's amazing that the box of brownness was turned to such vibrant and colourful things!!


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