Friday, 13 May 2011

The Freewheelin Bob Dylan...

After a couple of weeks break I thought it was time to return to the tradition of posting a Folksy Friday blog post. And today I have chosen a slightly more unusual theme... Bob Dylan!

Apparently, very soon the singer songwriter will reach 
the grand old age of 70. 

To celebrate, some friends of mine (who are much bigger fans of Bob than me!) have organised an open mic night this Saturday, where the only songs allowed will be anything by Dylan! I am be intrigued to see what songs everyone will choose and I wonder whether it'll be old favourites or obscure album tracks that get the most air time? But with 34 studio albums and 100's of songs to choose from I'm sure there won't be any doubles!

I'm really hoping to be able to get down to visit them to be able to experience this event - even if I shan't be taking part! (I won't unleash my singing voice in public - even at an event celebrating an artist with a very 'interesting' voice himself!) But even if I don't get a chance to visit I think I'll be channelling Mr Zimmerman for a while to come - some of his album titles would make fabulous themes for future Folksy Fridays! (Bob Dylan Discography)

So, Happy Birthday Bob - here's a selection of Folksy Friday items inspired by you!

As always, click on the pictures to be taken to the item!


  1. Cool blog! You gotta love Dylan! x

  2. thanks a lot foe featuring my pic of Dylan! its very much appreciated - and nice blog too :)

  3. Elaine at 'What Goes Around...'14 May 2011 at 17:28

    Thanks for featuring my cushion - peace and love to everyone...x

  4. hello :) love the blog! thanks so much for featuring my item amongst this cool selection - looking forward to seeing some of the other themes you come up with! linda x


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