Friday, 11 February 2011

Folksy Friday - The Valentinos and ACEOS

As long time followers of the blog will know, I have previously taken part in daily listings clubs on Folksy - and although I've not always been successful in listing every day, I at least have a go! I am currently taking part in the February challenge and have become a Valentino for the month!

Despite my best efforts and lots of enthusiasm, I still haven't quite managed to keep up with listing every day, but I feel that I can cut myself a bit of slack as I have been busy preparing for my first craft fair of the year.

(Fifi's Market takes place tomorrow (Sat 12th February) if anyone who lives near Sheffield wants to pop down and say hi!)

Part of the fun about joining the listings clubs is seeing the work of new makers that perhaps you wouldn't usually see, or learning about the new trends and ideas that develop within the art and craft world. At the minute there seems to be a surge in popularity for ACEO's or 'Art Cards Editions and Originals'. These are miniature works of art/craft/design measuring just 2 1/2 inches x 3 1/2 inches, and allow the artist to experiment with new techniques on a very small scale. More importantly they allow people to purchase original art at a very reasonable price - perhaps that's why they seem to be selling like hotcakes!

Always ahead of the trend, the Valentinos have plenty of ACEOs to offer - in fact I believe that some of these that I have chosen to be listed here have already sold! You have to be quick if you want a ACEO bargain!

Just click on the picture to see more details of the artworks and the artists.... and who knows I might have some of my own to show you next time....!

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  1. All stunning!!! And I would happily have all of them in my house, so if ant one is interested in purchasing me all of them, I would not say no!

    Natalie x


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