Friday, 23 July 2010

Triumphant return from HobbyCraft!

A Project waiting to happen!

I have now returned from my trip to HobbyCraft and successfully bought the items I needed to complete my current projects. I bought lots of sheets of felt and can't help feeling excited at the potential projects that lie in wait in the future!

I'd love to share one of the pieces I've been working on, but I can't risk posting a pic as it is a gift for the wedding we're going to tomorrow and I don't want them seeing it before the big day!

However as promised here are a couple of pictures of Lucky Ladybird and Little Brown Mouse! Both have been created from handmade felt - one using the needle felt technique and one using a sheet of molded wet felt. They were both designed to be used as pin cushions but I'm not sure I'd have the heart to stick pins in them!
Unfortunately the light here is appalling, so I think I will have to re-do the photos before I list them on Folksy, and for some reason, Blogger has taken to rotating all my pics as it posts them, so the poor little mites look like they're abseiling across the page!

I have now updated the photos - Lucky Ladybird and Little Brown Mouse deserve better! Please see below!

Lucky Ladybird

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  1. The ladybird looks so cute, and I’ve been curious about trying out the technique but after looking at your pet project, I’m definitely going to attempt it for sure!


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