Friday, 23 July 2010

Folksy Friday - Ladybirds

From left to right
TOP: I Love Red, Mako - Flutterby Designs, Rachel Elizabeth
BOTTOM: Diomo Glass, Adrianne Illustration, FunkyShapes

The Folksy Friday blog theme for today is ladybirds!
I have chosen this theme as over the last few days I have been making some needlefelted pin cushions - the first of which was shaped like a ladybird! (Also, those of you that know me or my house well, will realise that ladybirds are a bit of a 'thing' with me!)

Unfortunately, I haven't quite finished Lucky Ladybird yet, and unwilling to post a picture of her un-finished, I have had to resort to listing my Folksy Friday picks without her! Don't worry, as soon as I have made my trip to Hobbycraft for more supplies, I will post pictures of her, and her companion Little Brown Mouse!

Watch this space!


  1. Love these items! Have just bought a ladybird from Diomoglass as a gift - its fab!! x

  2. Thank you for picking my ladybird - I love the ladybird earrings!!

  3. As soon as my PayPal account looks a bit healthier I am also hoping to buy a ladybird from DiomoGlass - I think just what my house needs is another ladybird!

  4. the ladybird earings are amazing, fab finds ;0)

  5. Awww. Cute little ladybird finds. Those booties are adorable. If only I had a little someone to buy them for

  6. Thanks for featuring my buttons. Love the glass ladybird.

  7. What a lovely selection....just love those cute buttons :)

  8. Fab range of items - am especially loving the cushion and the earrings!

  9. Those buttons are so sweet, love the badges too.


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