Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Behind the Scenes at made by lolly : My branding journey

Last month, Batman turned 75 - and apparently, in that time he has used over 30 different logos!

Later this month, on June 18th, made by lolly turns 4! And in that time has also had quite a few different logos and brand redesigns...

I'm not entirely sure whether this is a good thing or not (!) but I thought I might be fun to follow Batman's example and share some of the different fonts, logos and packaging designs I have used since 2010.

Back then - this was the best that I could do:

Please don't judge me. I was inexperienced. Massive learning curve ahead!

By November 2010, thankfully, I had decided it was time to get some professional help:

Designs by Bonnita Graphics

It looks like I continued to use variations on this design for quite a while -
as these leaflets from August 2011 show:

But by a year later, in August 2012 it's all change! The launch of my new website had caused me to rethink my style and to commission another re-brand! New colours, new font:

Designs by Bonnita Graphics

...And to redesign my product packaging

But that redesign didn't last too long!
By the Autumn of 2013 the style of my work had become much more bold and graphic, using strong colours and repeating patterns. I needed a clear and simple design as complement.

And then... We arrive at Spring 2014
I appear to be over my flirtation with 'bold' and 'graphic' and have started designing softer, more realistic looking felt flowers. I need my branding to reflect this.
So I introduce another new font:

New Business Cards:

...And for the first time ever, pre-printed product packaging!

And slightly 'tweaked' gift wrapping:

Phew, what a journey!
I don't know what you think  - but I feel my branding style has definitely improved since 2010!

If you liked this peek behind the scenes of made by lolly - stay tuned!
Over the next few weeks, as part of my birthday celebrations, I will be posting lots more info 
about who I am, what I do and how I do it...

You can find out about my tools, my favourite websites, and I may even show you a pic of what the workroom usually looks like!

I'll also be compiling an 'Ask me Anything' blog post to be published on our business birthday.
So... if you have a burning question that you'd like me to answer you can either:
a) Leave a comment on this blog post
b) Tweet me at @madebylolly 
c) leave a comment on my FB page
d) email me at
e) attempt to contact me using psychic powers...*

*If you definitely want your question answered I'd recommend using option a to d and not bothering with option e!


  1. Great to see where you started and how you're evolving. Looking fabulous right now! The new pieces are beautiful too.

  2. All the designs are simple, creative, and stunning really. I love the way you share these with us. Please keep sharing and entertaining us with such a beautiful creativity.


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