Wednesday, 2 April 2014

#Project52 Weeks 6 - 13!

OK, OK I know I promised that I'd be blog writing more often because I had the excuse of sharing my weekly #Project52 activities with you....

Well - it turns out that I've been so busy working on the new made by lolly Spring Collection and so busy enjoying my #Project52 activities that I haven't found the time to get over here to tell you about any of it!

So here's a whistle-stop catch-up of the things I've been getting up to!
(I think we got as far as Week 5 - Cheese Making)

Week 6 
A trip to Yorkshire Sculpture Park- and some very early snowdrops!

Week 7
My first Craft Fair of 2014!

Week 8
A trip to Ikea - including free cups of tea, a cooked breakfast and the cutest plasters ever!

Week 9
A Silver Clay workshop with Emma Mitchell

Week 10
 A TV Dinner Date to watch Fantastic Mr Fox

Week 11
A 100th Birthday Party for our piano - including chocolate kit-kat piano cake!

Week 12 
A trip to Millennium Gallery Craft Shop - Bought a Badge Making Kit!

Week 13 
Started to teach myself Italian using the Duolingo app!

And can you believe it - that brings us up to Week 13! 
I have completed the first quarter of my #Project 52 year!

And what a fabulous fun thirteen weeks it has been!

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  1. These are really cool collection, did wonderful job there. Thank you for sharing it and keep posting such posts.


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