Sunday, 9 January 2011

Practical in Pink!

First, two facts....
1. I am female
2. I do like pink

Point 1 you will have to take my word for (!) but to help prove point 2, look up to the top of this blog and view my banner, then look below where there are a number of items that I have made and which are available to buy from my Folksy shop:

 Pretty pink I'd say, wouldn't you...?
However, just because 
1. I am Female 
2. I do like Pink
This doesn't mean I want everything I own to be in this colour!
I thought it was bad enough when trainers, sports gear, hair straighteners, underwear, kitchen utensils and cars started turning pink, but I have started to notice a very worrying trend in craft eqipment... yep, you've guessed it - PINK!
I am very proud of my newly acquired Sizzix Big Shot and heat embossing gun - the thrill of receiving new craft equipment, and the expectation of the new projects you may begin as a result of using it, is a very exciting feeling! But why oh why does everything have to be pink!

Rant over! Pink is still a fabulous colour, so here is my pick of the best pink items currently available on Folksy!

As always, click on the picture to be taken to the seller's shop!


  1. Thanks Laura for adding my Pink Doily to your Pink selection! I totaly agree with you...on the pink items thing... however, I did paint my kitchen pink.... everything else is white and grey, this should redeam me! Thanks again! ♥ Olivia AKA Girlybunches ♥

  2. Must admit not a fan of pink but I love the selection...the cute birdy and those gorgeous doilies.


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