Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Fabric Frenzy

Firstly I would like to apologise for the interruption in service last week - it is the first time for a long, long time that I have been unable to post a Folksy Friday. I hope you didn't miss me too much, and the update from Silkstone Art and Craft Exhibition has kept you interested!

But, slightly later than billed, here as promised is a collection of the fabric prints 
that can be found in my wardrobe...

Add to this a selection of brightly coloured cardigans with stripes, and a black and white spotty dress, and you can perhaps understand why nothing in my wardrobe ever goes together! I may not be able to moan I have nothing to wear - I have a full and bulging wardrobe thanks to my love of charity shops - but I'm sure I can say I have nothing to wear that goes together! I defy anyone to make a complete outfit of these combinations!

However, to prove that mixing, clashing and throwing it all together can work, here are a selection of items from other crafters who have turned mix and match into an artform!

Such a beautiful and bright use of colour and fabric! And... did you spot it? That's right - my first featured Christmas item for 2010! Keep your eyes peeled in the coming days and weeks for selections from my own Christmas range as well as my pick of the best of Folksy!


  1. Hi Laura, thanks so much for featuring my cushion, I love all the other items you've chosen they are really pretty. Your blog is lovely and I look forward to reading more :o) Thanks again, Hannah xx


  2. Hi! Thanks so much for featuring my skirt, and I'm glad to have discovered your blog x



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